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The Updated new Features of and it’s Advantages. Online matchmaker for millionaires

Highly successful men and women earning in millions usually find it difficult to find their true soul mates simply because the partner is often interested only in the financial strength of the millionaire. The best solution therefore, is to date another millionaire who wants to get into a serious relationship and is not hankering after money. Millionaire Match is a unique kind of online dating website which enables millionaires to meet their own kinds, meaning other millionaires. As the name suggests, the website helps highly successful people with hefty bank balances to meet their soul mates. Millionaire Match has a vast client list of very rich and influential men and women such as CEOs of companies, doctors, investors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, professional athletes, supermodels, beauty queens and even Hollywood celebrities. All in all, the website has certified millionaires seeking partners on its list. The dating website helps millionaires to find their right match for dating, romance, long term relationship and even marriage. This website is not for sugar daddy/sugar mummy relationships.

Live chat

Millionaire Match Dating allows the members to chat with each other live. Video chatting live helps the man and the woman to know each other better before actually meeting in person. Live support is also provided by the website in case of any problem.

Advanced search

The website allows the members to search for partners based on their preferences. For example, you can search for your partner according to a specific annual or monthly income which you want your partner to earn. The presence of large number of millionaire members on the site ensures that you will get a number of matches easily. Thus, advanced search helps you in finding you a suitable match without much effort on your part.


Wink is a feature of the website which enables you to let any member know that you are interested in him/her. You simply need to select a one-liner from a list and send it to the desired member. The wink is received in Message box of the member who can also wink back at you. The winks can be sent free of cost. Each member can send a maximum of 50 winks in a day.

Luxury show

Members can showcase their tastes and preferences regarding fashion, automobiles, art and culture, jewelry, home décor, leisure, food, etc. by posting images on the website. This enables the members to know about each other’s personalities much better. The members can sort the images according to various categories and by gender.

Joining the website

The process to create your profile on the website requires you to enter your complete relevant details. You need to enter your name, age, gender, ethnicity, height, country, city and annual income. Uploading your photograph is also necessary. All the information must be authentic. The photo must also be real because you will be exposed whenever any member live chats with you or wants to meet up. After the signing up process is complete, the member can log in using the user name and the password and start searching for partners. The website has a user-friendly interface and is simple to operate.

You can choose to become a free member of the website. However, in order to access all the services without limitations, you can upgrade to gold membership. Gold membership charge is $70 per month. The payment for the gold membership can be made by credit card, visa or mastercard, pay pal and by check or money order.

One can also earn bonus gold membership by sharing dating advice and safety tips, reporting abuses and fake profiles, sharing and promoting the site on social media and recommend the site to partner with other related sites.

A member can cancel the membership at any point of time without any penalty.

Other features

Millionaire Dating has a section devoted to Celebrity interviews where you get to read the interviews of famous entrepreneurs, film stars and other celebrities. Yet another section is the Luxury Lifestyle blog where you can find various articles related to millionaire couples, luxury fashion, exotic travel destinations, etc.

Millionaire Matchmaker also provides detailed tips regarding various aspects of online dating such as safety tips, steps to determine honesty and integrity of the person you are interested in, avoid getting conned, identifying deceptive characters and other tips for safe and secure online dating. Sexual advices for couples are also present in a detailed manner.

You can also read about the experiences of other members who successfully found their soul mates through the dating website.